How to Get a Mystery Box in Pokemon Go?

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One of the most interesting and mysterious aspects of Pokemon GO is trying to collect mystery boxes. Without mystery boxes, your Pokemon GO experience won’t be complete. In order to get a mystery box, the essential and first step is to catch a Meltan.

Meltan is a rare species of Pokemon that can only be obtained with the help of a special item called ‘Mystery Box’. It's important to note that whenever you catch Meltan you'll need to wait for seven days before you may use the Mystery Box again. Still, if you want to get multiple Mystery Boxes quickly then there are several ways to do this.

The simplest method is by purchasing mystery boxes or items from the in-game store or through trainers who have acquired them in their adventures--either through friendship rewards or through a real-money microtransaction. You can also obtain Mystery Boxes by participating in limited time events, such as Community Days and Field Research Quests, receiving gifts from friends, hatch new eggs or obtaining special items such as rare candies and Star Pieces which will also contain Mystery Boxes inside them at random intervals.

Finally, there’s an even easier way of obtaining multiple Mystery Boxes now-- by exchanging Meltan candies with various registered phones which will allow you up to three-times use for your candy once exchanged for the cost of 15 Candies each time. Always remember that once you have obtained your mysterious box open it immediately in order to start catching lots of Meltans!

How can I obtain a Mystery Box in Pokémon Go?

Mystery Boxes are one of the most valuable items currently available in Pokémon Go. Obtaining a Mystery Box requires you to complete a particular task or challenge, but all it can take is some patience and enthusiasm to get that ultimate reward.

Getting a Mystery Box often requires raiding Bosses, completing special events, and racking up Raids against your own pocket monsters. Raids have been around since the original release, but newer tracks offer more rewards if completed correctly. For example, Lucky Eggs are awarded when you achieve a certain amount of raids, with an escalating number of rewards awarded as you progress further up the ranks. This increases the rarity of Mystery Boxes and therefore makes them more highly sought after by real-world trainers.

Another way to score a Mystery Box is by getting enough friends with whom you can trade gifts or participate in raids and battles together. Trading Gifts with friends gives out Limited Edition items like Lucky Eggs or Star Pieces, both of which are vital items when it comes to obtaining the coveted Mystery Box. Additionally, engaging in raids and battles with your pals will earn you vouchers for rare and powerful items such as Ultra Balls and Master Balls that ensure better chances of getting that dream box. Ultimately, this increases your chances of powering up your team significantly!

In summary, obtaining a Mystery Box in Pokémon Go does not require too complex tasks but rather patience, enthusiasm and social skills in order to become part of an online community for the purpose of trading gifts or engaging in battles with friends. Raids also play an important part when it comes to earning enough points to be rewarded with an elusive item like the Mystery Box!

How do I activate a Mystery Box in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is a popular augmented reality game that combines the classic fun of Pokémon with its unique mobile spin. One of the many exciting features of the game is its “Mystery Boxes”, a tool that can be used to attract rare Pokémon species such as Meltan. However, knowing how to activate a Mystery Box in Pokémon Go can be quite tricky!

To activate a Mystery Box, you first need to collect enough Meltan Candies. Fortunately, there are many ways to get these Candies. Completion of some Challenges rewards players with meltan Candies, while other players may prefer to trade with friends and family through GO Exchange. Moreover, a special event called “Mystery boxes Always Open” is also available in which players receive additional Candies when they open the Mystery box multiple times in 24 hours once it has been activated.

Once you’ve gathered enough Meltan Candies, you can then open your Mystery Box from the item Bag in your Pokémon Menu; this will be indicated by a spinning blue light around your avatar if you’re in an area where spawning occurs. Once opened, the Mystery Box will last for 30 minutes before depleting and recharging again with candies if possible. After this time period has expired, now it's time for you to start catching all those elusive Meltans!

What rewards can I get from opening a Mystery Box in Pokémon Go?

Mystery boxes are a fun addition to Pokémon Go that add an element of surprise to the game. Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced player, these virtual rewards can offer you something extra to enjoy about the game.

When you open a Mystery Box, you’ll receive 5x Incense that can help attract wild Pokémon to your location; this is especially useful if you’re having trouble finding rare creatures. Additionally, while using the incense, there’s an increased chance of finding Shadow Pokémon in the wild; capturing these allows the people to have access to exclusive event-only moves and can help them unlock special Elite rewards. Lastly, Mystery boxes can also net players additional Poké Balls and Potions so they don’t have to worry as much about running out during their adventures.

Overall, Mystery boxes are worth considering if you need extra items or are hoping for some rare creature appearances when exploring your area in Pokémon Go. They might bring some fun surprises—and just enough of what you need to keep your journey going.

How often can I open a Mystery Box in Pokémon Go?

If you're a fan of Pokémon Go, you’ve likely wondered how often you can open Mystery Boxes in the wildly popular augmented reality game. Mystery Boxes are an integral part of the game, used to obtain Meltan and its evolution form, Melmetal. When the box is opened, a Shiny Meltan spawns alongside it. The rarest kind of box is a Limited Research Timed Box, which only opens if a player has completed limited research tasks and will remain closed after 30 minutes. Players are allowed to open one Mystery Box every seven days. This reset time is based on your local time zone - so if you’re anywhere in North America, for example, your box will refresh at around 9 p.m. PDT or midnight EDT every week; so it’s important to make sure your device’s clock is set up properly so that you don't miss out on this opportunity!

It’s also worth noting that while each box gives a player access to two Meltan with every use, each of these creatures will expire if unused within 30 minutes after catching them due to their ability to evolve quite quickly into Melmetals. As such, players should be aware that they must plan ahead and think strategically so as not to lose out on those vital candies that are required for such evolutions. This means waiting until the week is nearly up and knowing what trades will be made once the box has been opened and timed tasks have been completed-- all before it can be opened again seven days later.

How do I use a Mystery Box to catch Meltan in Pokémon Go?

Mystery boxes are an exciting way to catch Meltan in Pokemon Go. But how exactly do you get them and make the most of the tool? Here's a breakdown of everything you need to know to successfully use a mystery box to catch Meltan.

First, you'll need to obtain a mystery box. The game randomly awards mystery boxes in exchange for consuming enough candy during the Special Research questline dedicated to catching Meltan. After consuming enough candy, you will receive the mystery box and be directed to open it at a PokéStop for thirty minutes. Making sure you are near-enough to your PokéStop or have ample proximity access is essential because during those thirty minutes all nearby spawns will be Meltan! This gives you plenty of chances to obtain the elusive Pokémon, and with some luck and good timing, a few Rare Candies too!

Once your Mystery Box has been opened, there is one more trick that can help increase your odds of catching multiple Meltans. Lure Modules at Pokéstops are an invaluable tool for this - by attaching them to your Poke Stop during those thirty minutes, even more Meltans can appear! Don't forget that the Mystery Box itself will also appear at Pokéstops each time - so having multiple stops activated with Lure Modules close by can not only increase spawn count but also guarantee multiple Mystery Box re-appearances as well.

These tips should put any Pokemon Go trainer in a good position for successfully catching Meltan using Mystery boxes. Good luck!

How long does the Mystery Box remain active in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go’s Mystery Box is one of the most exciting and fun elements of the game. The Mystery Box serves as a reward- system for players who have accumulated large amounts of Meltan candy. By spending large amounts of these candies, players can unlock a Mystery Box which will remain active for several hours, providing players with an additional bonus such as rare items or even Pokémon encounters.

The box will typically remain active for two to three hours after unlocking. During this time, trainers are rewarded extra Pokémon encounters and can even encounter rare or legendary Pokémon depending upon the type of mystery box obtained. Players who wish to improve their chances of finding rare Pokémon often become extremely active during this period in order to “make hay while the sun shines” before the box deactivates and Meltan candy is removed from their inventory.

Depending upon the type of mystery box unlocked, players may even find that their activity period lasts longer than three hours. Ultra boxes and Master boxes, for example, remain active longer; sometimes lasting up to 48 hours! Therefore, while the general time frame for a mystery box remains at two to three hours, players can extend their activity periods by unlocking higher level boxes which provide a larger variety and quality of items within them.

Overall, the Mystery Box remains active in Pokémon Go depending on what type of mystery box is unlocked and can last anywhere from two to three hours up to 48 hours!

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