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How much is mini golf at boomers?

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Published: 2019-08-25

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How much is mini golf at boomers?

Mini golf is a classic pastime that brings enjoyable outdoor fun to all ages. Although it might seem fairly straightforward, the cost of playing mini golf can vary from course to course. When it comes to Boomers, a popular entertainment complex with many locations across the globe, the cost of mini golf depends on the location you choose and what kind of package you prefer.

At all Boomers locations, a single round of mini golf costs about $10 per person. If you are looking for a better deal and plan on spending more time at Boomers, purchasing a mini golf package may be right for you. Boomers offer two exciting packages when it comes to mini golf – The Classic or The Grand Slam.

The Classic package allows up to four players to play unlimited rounds on the same day for just $35 in total; that’s only $8 per person! It also includes access to most of Boomers other attractions such as go-karts, laser tag and batting cages. On the other hand, The Grand Slam package takes things up a step by allowing up to five players in for unlimited rounds at just $45 total - that’s only $9 per person individual! This offers even more attractions such as bumper boats and arcades just for an extra few bucks more than The Classic package! In most places playing any type of game tends not be cheap but luckily at Boomers there is something for everyone’s budget!.

So next time you are looking for some family fun, remember that you can count on Boomers for entertaining Mini Golf Adventures! With prices as low as $8 per person, it's well worth every penny spent no matter which attraction you decide to try out first!.

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What is the cost of miniature golf at Boomers?

Miniature golf at Boomers is a popular activity for people of all ages to enjoy. If you’re looking for a good value and lots of fun, you’ll find it here. Boomers offers competitive rates that provide great and affordable entertainment options no matter what your budget may be.

The cost of miniature golf at Boomers depends on how many rounds you want to play as well as the age of the players. For example, visitors under 10 years old get a discounted rate that includes one round of golf and pay only $7.99 for their game plus a bonus game for free! Adults over 11 years old get $10.99 per person for just one round, or can enjoy two rounds for only $15.99 per person; add an extra game onto these packages for just $4 extra.

In addition to offering great prices at its miniature golf course, Boomers also gives visitors other options that make this activity even more affordable and family-friendly, such as special discounts depending on the day (evenings are cheaper!), free admission in certain circumstances, coupon discounts when presented at ticket booths, military discounts and more. With all these great deals, it’s easy to see why Boomers is a popular destination when it comes to miniature golfing in the area.

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How much does it cost to play one round of mini golf at Boomers?

If you’re looking for some family-friendly entertainment that won't break the bank, mini golf at Boomers could be a great option. Luckily, Boomers offers affordable prices across all of their locations in the United States, with a round of mini golf averaging around $7.99 per person. All course fees include the cost of renting standard size putters and various golf balls to use––a nice perk rather than having to bring or buy your own equipment. Furthermore, season passes are available for those who love to play mini golf on a regular basis. Unlike other recreational activities, a round of mini gold also gives you full access to other Boomers attractions like batting cages, go-karts, laser tag and much more! Depending on the location you choose to visit, you could also enjoy an array of arcade games and a water park with spectacular slides and pools. Middle and high schoolers love this destination because entry into any given Boomer facility will grant them with unlimited game play on all redemption centers within the facility at no extra cost! Many locations also incorporate special deals throughout each week day in order to save even more money per person. In conclusion, playing one round of mini golf at Boomers is quite budget friendly overall but whether or not you’ll end up shelling out more for other attractions depends on the individual park location you choose to visit –– so keep an eye out for those unbeatable deals!

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What is the admission price for mini golf at Boomers?

Golfers, rejoice! Boomers is an exciting mini-golf establishment for your family and friends to share in some competitive play! Boomers offers a wide range of mini-golf attractions such as waterfalls, jumps, ponds and even a roller coaster. As if that wasn’t enough… it also features batting cages, arcades, and bumper boats. All this fun can be yours with one amazingly low price of admission. So what is the admission price for Boomers miniature golf?

Miniature golf at Boomers is priced very attractively and makes it an affordable form of entertainment for the entire family. Admission to try your luck on either the 36-hole traditional miniature golf course or the exotic Safari course is $7 per person all day long. Group prices are also available – with tickets for 3 or more persons costing only $6 each. If a drop in the fun isn’t enough, season passes are also available that provide unlimited access to the park!

Come out for some action-packed fun on either course today at Boomers minigolf and find out why this particular activity is becoming increasing popular among adults and children alike. Enjoy all the attractions you can handle for just $7 per person – what a bargain!

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How much does it cost to play mini golf at Boomers?

Mini golfing at Boomers is not only fun, but it's also surprisingly affordable. Depending on the age and location, different fees may apply, but typically you can enjoy a full game of mini golf for as low as $7.45 per person. That fee includes a full 18-hole course, club rentals, and up to four unique putters. If you decide you’d like a bit of extra challenge, there are several additional courses that can be played for just an additional dollar or two on top of the base cost.

For those looking for a few rounds without the higher cost or the need to rent clubs, Boomers offers all-day play passes starting at $14.99. With these passes players can access every course at their leisure, which makes this setup great for birthday parties or family members looking to get the most bang for their buck. You don’t even have to limit yourself to just full days either; if you’d rather have multiple short sessions throughout your visit, Boomers also offers hourly passes with unlimited access inside your designated hour window.

All in all there are lots of ways to save while enjoying yourself at Boomers mini golf course! From more casual drop-ins to full day access options with versatile payment methods available there’s sure something that fits both our budget and commitment considerations so you can take part in endless amounts of mini golfing fun!

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What is the fee for playing mini golf at Boomers?

Mini golf is a fun and popular sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Boomers, located in many cities across the United States, is a facility dedicated to providing a space for people to enjoy mini golf and other activities like arcades and laser tag. So, what is the fee for playing at Boomers?

For all avid mini golfers, Boomers has an economical rate structure that allows you to choose the combination of games you would like to play. For just one game of mini golf, the rate is $7 pay-as-you-go or $6 with coupon/ promo code. But if you want to play two or more rounds of mini golf, you can get the best deal with their combination package which includes two or more rounds for only $10.99 with each additional round at the same rate. For those who would like to take advantage of even bigger savings and play unlimited games over different visits during a limited time period, Boomers also offers an extetnded Play Pass for as low as $14.99 depending on location.

In conclusion, no matter your commitment level to mini golfing - with Boomers there are options designed to fit your budget without compromising on experience and quality of gameplay!

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What is the rate for mini golf at Boomers?

Mini golf at Boomers is an exciting way to spend an afternoon with family and friends. The whole family can enjoy a relaxing break from the fast-paced everyday world, with all the fun of being on the course! The rate for mini golf at Boomers depends on what time and day of the week it is that you plan to play. On regular days, it costs $7 per person ($5 for those under 48") and on holidays, weekends, and peak periods it goes up to $9.50 per person ($7 for those under 48”). Furthermore, if you are looking to save some money and play multiple rounds, Boomer's also offers specials like Mini Golf Day Passes and Family Fun Packs which provide savings over regular mini golf rates.

At Boomers, they understand that unpredictable weather conditions can sometimes derail your plans. That is why they offer rain checks which allows you to finish your game at some other date without any extra cost! So if you start playing and find out that it's raining cats and dogs outside, don't worry because your game isn’t ruined - just come back at another time when the weather is more pleasant.

Whether young or old, mini golf can bring a lot of smiles for everyone. At Boomers there's something for everyone. Whether you're in a competitive mood or just want a leisurely stroll around the greens; either way you'll be sure to have loads of fun! So check out their rates today and get ready for a great day of unforgettable entertainment.

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